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Considering divorce but worried about the outcome?

Divorce doesn’t have to be a game of chance.

At the Frankel Law Firm, Divorce and Family Law are all we do.
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Divorce Without the Games

Serving Volusia County in Family Law & Divorce matters

Real-life divorce doesn’t have to overwhelm you with stress and worry. Whether you’re concerned about a potentially messy breakup or looking forward to an amicable parting, Jared Frankel will focus on your goals.
Just don’t let your future ex get to him first.


What happens when you file for divorce? What is the process? Divorce doesn’t begin when you file a petition. It begins when the two of you begin to drift apart. Jared Frankel has the knowledge to answer your questions and address your concerns.

Child Custody

If you file for divorce, will you get custody of your children? Negotiating a time-sharing agreement with your children’s other parent can be stressful and highly emotional. Jared Frankel will work toward your goals.

Child Support

In the state of Florida, a formula is used to determine how much child support is paid or received. Other factors can affect the amount. Jared Frankel will understand your needs and will work toward your goals for child support payments.


If you’ve fathered a child and are not married to the mother, you will need to establish paternity in the state of Florida. Jared Frankel is ready to work to secure your rights to be a father to your child and to have a say in how and where your child is raised.


Life changes and child support, time-sharing, and alimony agreements made during a divorce can be changed too. If you’ve experienced significant changes in your life, talk with Jared Frankel to learn about your options.

Domestic Violence

Don’t live in fear! If you or your children feel threatened, contact Jared Frankel immediately! Jared can look into arranging an injunction, also known as a restraining order, to provide you with immediate protection through the civil court.

Arrange a consultation with Jared Frankel and get real-world answers to your questions on matters of Family Law and Divorce.

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Upon request, Frankel Law Firm offers phone consultations and video appointments with our state-of-the-art video system. Distance, time constraints, or health issues don’t have to keep you from taking control of your concerns. Arrange an initial consultation with Jared Frankel to discuss your family law matter at your convenience.

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Jared A. Frankel Esq. family law attorney

About Jared A. Frankel Esq.

Family Law Attorney

Jared Frankel is a devoted Husband and Father of two amazing little girls, which means besides specializing in Family Law, he also specializes in the real life application of “family.”

Broad Expertise

As the sole practitioner at Frankel Law Firm, Jared Frankel is one attorney who is hands-on in every facet of your case. He honed his trial and litigation skills through hundreds of family law cases and thousands of criminal cases as a former Assistant State Attorney in Volusia County. Since he left the State Attorney’s office, he has focused solely on Family Law matters. This is not a law firm that handles any type of law, we ONLY handle family law cases. We also only handle family law matters in Volusia or Flagler County. Being able to singularly focus on one area of law and only in two counties gives our firm the advantages necessary for our clients to succeed.

On the Cutting Edge

Jared Frankel stands out on the cutting edge of his field. He won’t hesitate to litigate when matters are incapable of settlement or when issues arise for which there is no precedent. As the head of the Frankel Law Firm, Jared Frankel is results oriented. He is dedicated to achieving each client’s objectives and he understands that every case is unique. He encourages creative approaches with a solid grounding in substantive law and statutory authority. Frankel brings the professional judgment and experience to efficiently guide his clients through the complexities of out-of-court negotiated settlements, as well as through the thicket of the judicial process that can all too often be confusing for the parties involved. Whether Jared Frankel is analyzing complex financial matters or contentious custodial issues, devising strategies to move a case quickly to a favorable resolution, or preparing for a full-blown trial, the Frankel Law Firm strives to deliver legal and professional services that make a difference.

Jared specializes in the difficult cases involving high conflict parenting issues, complicated financial matters, relocations, modifications, child support and prenuptial and postnuptial agreements.

Reviews by peers and clients confirm that Jared Frankel is among the most highly-regarded in his field.


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